1. Learn to Swim

    Swimming promotes physical development, enhances a child’s natural flexibility, promotes proportional muscular development and hones motor control and coordination. Swimming is also a sport that will bring your child fitness and enjoyment.

  2. Cycling

    At Swim Africa, we appreciate cycling as an activity that is fun for children and engaging as well. We pride in teaching children how to cycle which helps them with their self-esteem and confidence...

  3. Soccer

    We been a key part of inter-school soccer tournaments that has seen the participation of several schools such as Montessori Learning Centre, Kibera Kindergarten, Pear Hearts Kindergarten, Kabete Junior Academy and Jabali Hekima.

  4. Sports Camp

    All-inclusive holiday sports camps are conducted once every term. The full or half-day sessions involve all major activities offered at our premises. The children engage in a rotational schedule of swimming, cycling, soccer, golf...

Basket Ball

Rafting is Fun