Sports Camp is a sports event organized by Swim Africa that has proven to be an engaging and learning place where children not only make new friends but also express themselves, stay healthy, active have fun. The children are grouped according to their ages and abilities. The youngest group is the tiny tots who are below two years of age. Before playtime, the tiny tots enjoy art sessions with the coaches to boost their creativity through painting.

They get access to the playground where they play with the sand, take turns on the swings and also pair up on the seesaw. They are allowed to be free, though under the keen watch of the coaches and are given special care, including change of diapers, regular snacks and a chance to ride the horse which often gets them really excited!

The other groups are three to four year- olds, five to six year- olds, seven to eight year-olds and eight to fourteen year- olds. The different groups take different turns playing various sports such as tennis, soccer, hockey, cycling and swimming. Before every game, the children do a bit of stretching. For each sport, each group is divided into two teams or pairs, in the case of tennis.

This is an engaging teamwork exercise as each team tries to use various tactics to beat the other. The chemistry amongst the children is undeniable. Through Sports Camp, many friendships have been born.


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