Karting or Kart racing is a version of open-wheel motorsport, reserved for recreational or competitive purposes by using go-karts. Go-karts are small four-wheeled open cars that come in various sizes for different purposes. Swim Africa offers this thrilling sport, popular amongst the young boys but open to girls as well, as part of sports entertainment with a slight competitive streak.

The adrenaline rush associated with the sport makes the children more alert and attentive. Bio functions such as increased heart rate, dilated blood vessels and open air passages attribute to an energized feeling. It is a slow energy burner which makes it ideal as a healthy sport for children. Through control, driving techniques and other skills that lead to winning, it is a great confidence booster for participants.

At competitive level, the children learn how to compete in a healthy way and lose with dignity, preparing them for adulthood and real life situations. They also learn how to celebrate wins in a humble way. The basic social skills acquired from track- etiquette will be useful later in life. These basic skills set the foundation for responsible and accountable adulthood. At Swim Africa, we instill the culture of healthy competition as early as possible and the children learn as they grow.

Being a fun activity, it is an addictive sport. Most children often return to the track countless times in order to relive the thrill. The sport creates a wave of excitement coupled with an adrenaline rush that keeps the young ones interested.

Go-kart racing at Swim Africa is a great bonding activity for participants. The track is a great place to make friends as the children are united by a common factor. Often children of different ages meet up and form long-lasting friendships through assisting each other or cheering each other on. Having a common love for the game is a unique bonding experience that creates epic childhood memories and extends into adulthood. This signifies the old adage that sports does bring people together.

Being a fun and indulging activity that requires both the use of mind and physical skill to tackle, Swim Africa’s coaches train the young participants over time, until near-perfection is achieved and they are able to drive on the track by themselves. We are dedicated towards creating a sports culture amongst children and instilling skills that will be valuable for a lifetime.


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