Kayaking is a term for moving across water using a kayak. A kayak is a canoe-like boat in which a paddler sits facing forward, legs in front while rotating the paddle to move across water. Kayaks are often used professionally by divers and recreation-wise for fishing and ecotourism. At Swim Africa, we introduced this sport for both recreation and the health benefits associated with it. The children, with the help of coaches are assisted onto the kayaks and guided on how to use the paddles to move. A fun and interactive way to ensure better interaction and fun is by using wider boats that accommodate more than two children.

The various benefits of this entertaining sport for children include:


The sport of kayaking is loved for the amount of excitement that is brings. The thrill and adrenaline rush right before kayaking is what adds to is value. The thrill is considered addictive. It is easy to notice the joy in the faces of the young ones as they get ready to paddle.


This sport is considered a great form of aerobic workout because of the energy required to paddle. As a result, the body’s cardiovascular system gets worked and in turn leads to burning of calories. It therefore keeps the children active and healthy just like any other sport, leading them to become sharper and more alert as they grow. More often than not, because of the thrill and the fun that it brings

A clear mind and happiness

Any form of exercise, kayaking inclusive, leads to the release of feel –good hormones called endorphins. Endorphins are responsible for the sense of accomplishment right after completion of tasks. A successful paddling session often leaves the children feeling validated, a feat that serves their self-esteem and makes them eager to take on harder challenges.


Bonding with friends

At Swim Africa’s kayaking sessions, different children from different background come together. More often than not, they end up making friends as a result of being in the same group. These sessions often serve as a common ground for interaction and creates relationships, some of them long –term as the children get to see each other often. Kayaking sessions at Swim Africa can therefore be credited for the onset of many childhood friendships.


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