Underwater hockey is a thrilling sport where players manoeuvre a puck across the bottom of a swimming pool . Each team uses a pusher (hockey stick) to propel the ball towards the other team’s goal post.

Each team comprises of ten players. Only six players are allowed to actively participate in the game while the remaining four act as substitutes.

The game is played in 15-minute halves with a 3-minute half time in between.The game is judge by two in-water referees.


Some of the basic rules include:

No contact- A player cannot interfere with another player using their free hand.

Obstruction is not allowed.

A puck must not rest on the glove.

The puck should not be stopped by anything other than the pusher.


At Swim Africa – Langata Centre, we introduced this exciting sport to expand our array of services. We pride ourselves in exploring new grounds within the aquatic world.

To participate in this exciting activity, enquiries can be made through 0790- 143 951 or sending an email to admin@swimafrica.net

Below is a pictorial of the ongoing Underwater Hockey as the players prepared for event at Langata :

For videos of the sport, visit us on Facebook by clicking HERE and Instagram by Clicking HERE.

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