Meaning of Sports

“A sport is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.” This definition leaves out many critical areas of sports as discussed below….

Enjoy the read and the statistics…..

Up to date, the better part of the world has not appreciated the huge role played by sports. In my view, sporting is the most influential of all the activities that take place in the world. Why do I say so? Sports have an influence in ALL aspects that constitute the world; politics, health, intelligence, finances, education as well as in enhancement of both local and global relationships.

The best form of unity in the world has taken place during and through sports; not through guns and strict laws. Sports do not boast but have an irresistible internal influence that moves the soul, spirit and even the body through instilling of discipline. Sports have brought diversification and appreciation of diversity in the world. Talk of the World Cup, Olympic Games, Rugby, NBA, Cycling, Swimming; name it.

It is through sports that we get to see transformation in the world. Discipline, unity, passion and love expressed through sports is what brings the true meaning of the role played by sports. Sports break the barrier of communication since they have their own unique language that everyone understands. For instance, the language of Swimming is the skill in water and not prowess in English or Chinese; whereas the language of Soccer is the foot skill on the ball. For instance, a soccer club like Real Madrid in Spain will comprise 22 players each from a different country in the world; who come together to speak a common language of soccer.

The most recently concluded World Cup, for instance, brought the word to a standstill and every head had to pay attention to it. Politicians, Socialists, Physicists, doctors, financial analysts, name them. How beautiful was it to see presidents in deep emotion supporting their teams, talk of the Croatian President (In a red jersey) who had to travel to Russia for the world cup to support her country’s participation. Sports, evidently, go beyond political boundaries.


Sports and Financial implication. Sports for instance, influences the Securities Financial Market and this speaks of the role of sports in every sector of life. A good example is the record transfer of players from one club to another.

For instance, Cristiano Ronaldo’s  transfer from Spain to Italy had a massive influence on the financial market, which even involved KPMG Audit Firm to calculate the effect of the same.


Below is an extract of this finding:


The auditing company KPMG – through its Football Benchmark report – has looked at the economics of the player’s move from Madrid to Turin

Here’s a breakdown of the report’s findings:


Ronaldo’s massive fan base

Andrea Sartori, KPMG’s global head of sports, says Juventus (Italy) and its shareholders have a golden opportunity to benefit from Ronaldo’s on-field talent and off-field business reach.  

Sartori writes: “Besides having acquired the potential of his on-field performance, the signing of such an iconic player can provide the ‘Old Lady’ with the unique opportunity of leveraging on Ronaldo’s massive fan base, both from a communication and commercial perspective.

“However, we also do believe that Juventus FC’s shareholders will be able to fully capitalise on this investment if their business strategy will be adapted in order to better monetise their social media audience, which is expected to grow significantly in the months to come.”

KPMG reports that Ronaldo has more than 332 million followers combined through his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.”


This is just an example of the influence sports have on our daily lives. At Swim Africa Limited, we are committed to letting you know what it means to engage in sports so that you prepare accordingly. We are creating a wave of change through enhancement of appreciation of sporting talent in Africa.

We believe that for excellence in Sports, exposure at an early age is key. We must introduce children from a very tender age to sports so that their talent is identified, nurtured and exposed to the world.

Your child could be the next Cristiano Ronaldo (featured above), influencing the world market, unity, politics through sports.

Sports have power that cannot be contained or refuted. Once you are talent, you are talented indeed.

Remember, talent and gifting must be worked on because excellence in Sports comes through hard work.



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