Have you ever heard your mom, or another adult in your life, say the classic ‘you’re gonna catch a cold!’? Whether it’s swim class or leaving the house with damp hair fresh out of the shower, moms are notorious to prevent a cold. The truth is, cold weather doesn’t cause a cold! Let’s bust a few Weather myths!

MYTH: Wet Hair Causes Sickness

TRUTH: Weather doesn’t cause a cold, viruses do!

Colds and other illnesses are more common when schools resume, but not because of the temperature. The natural life cycle of viruses that cause sickness are at their peak during certain months, and spending more time indoors means we’re more likely to spread sickness to others.

Though you can’t catch a cold from it, we do know going out in the cold with wet hair just isn’t fun!


MYTH: Swimming Makes You More Likely to Catch a Cold

TRUTH: Just like cold weather doesn’t cause a cold, neither does swimming! In fact, your child is more likely to catch a cold virus at school or in a busy mall than they are at swim lessons.


MYTH: Swimming Can Make My Child More at Risk for An Ear Infection

TRUTH: Neither ear infections nor swimmer’s ear are related to weather. Both could happen all year-round!


MYTH: My Child Doesn’t Need to Learn to Swim Right Now.

TRUTH: You may not be thinking about pools & beaches right now, but every day is actually the BEST time to think about water safety! It takes time to build up swim skills and muscle memory – plus, water safety is a year-round concern! Drowning-related accidents don’t just happen in the summer – there’s bathtime, even toilets and buckets of water can be a hazard. Not to mention the birthday parties are held at pools, and lots of vacations are taken in warm-weather destinations. Children shouldn’t take a break in swim lessons or wait until the next warm season to start. Especially when a warm pool is calling their name!



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