Get in serious shape

Adult Swimming

This class is designed for adult swimmers with little to no experience in the water, we will work to help adults conquer their fear of swimming and introduce basic concepts of stroke techniques

We also serve adult swimmers who feel comfortable in the water and are looking to improve their technique and learn new strokes.

You can join our Westlands branch and improve your swimming skills with the help of trusted professional coaches.


Get stronger everyday

Learn to Swim

In Station 1, swimmers learn basic mechanics of swimming with support in the shallow end. Basics taught in this class include, entering the pool, floating front and back, coordinating leg movement and proper breathing technique.

In Station 2, swimmers learn to swim with support in the deep end. In this level the strokes will be practiced across the width of the pool to improve strength, consistency and technique.

In Station 3, swimmers have already mastered the basic strokes and will receive explicit instruction on improving technique for strength and endurance.

In Station 4, swimmers will be able to perform strokes proficiently down the length of the pool. Lap swimming is practiced.

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Swim Africa is an ISO Certified swimming institution located at Montessori Learning Centre (MLC), Grevillea Grove, Westlands.


Increase your mobility

Competitive Classes

The objective of this class is to emulate a competitive swim team setting for the students. Students practice and refine all strokes, transitions and swimming techniques.

They are introduced to use of a pace clock, swimming etiquette and learn to swim at a competitive level.


Ladies Only Classes

If you are more comfortable learning in an all ladies swim class, we are happy to offer the same adult swimming class in the setting of an all lady class.


Optimal life focus

One on One Class

Our one on one classes are great for babies between 6 months and 2 years, it’s a personalized class that allows for your baby to get used to the environment in the water and taught the basic floating techniques.


Feel young again

Mummy and Me

Our Mummy and me classes are great for babies between 6 months and 2 years, it allows for the mother and child to be in the water together, as the trainer guides you on how to train your child.


Start where you are


We offer tennis classes for children and adults, it is a very social and fun class for players of all ability levels led by a certified tennis trainer.

If you’ve never played tennis before, it’s a great way to be introduced to the sport and if you’re an experienced high-level tennis player, it’s a great way to train for tennis.


Together, we do so much

Sports Camp

Our holiday sports camp, is a great way to keep your children engaged over the school holiday, the sports program is a multi-sport program based around children having fun, learning new skills, working as a team and keeping active.

We have many different activities including swimming, soccer, tennis, cycling, dance and boating.

The Fun Zone