Tennis is a racket sport that can be played individually against a single opponent, or between teams of two players each. It is also a globally popular spectator sport and is played by millions of recreational enthusiasts, as well.

When I was growing up in Kiambu, on the cold sloppy regions of Mt. Kenya, I often heard about a legendary Tennis player, Serena Williams. As a result, it became very interesting and I got glued on this as I was growing up. At first, I never knew what it meant to play tennis. In my final years of primary school, I came to learn about the importance and influence of tennis as a sport; all inspired by the lessons and the career of this amazing lady, Serena Jameka Williams. I wanted to know more. I became curious. I wanted to know the influence of sports, particularly with regards to tennis; in this case. I wanted to know how she started, when she started playing tennis, what made her special, what tennis was all about as well as why it was so special a sport to be taken.

Why Serena Jameka Williams?

This article is not based on my desire for tennis that I developed while growing up as a young boy. It is a factual motivation aimed at enlightening us of the benefits, influence, opportunities and advantages of getting knowledge on what can completely transform the world- sports. It is rare to get facts and statistics on a player, around the world. This has made many people around the world, fail to appreciate the role of Sports in the society. So much talent has gone into waste because humanity failed to pay attention to it. As an African, I strongly believe that there are incomprehensible opportunities in the sporting world. In most cases, information critical for motivational and inspiration does not always get availed to us. With knowledge, planning becomes very easy for us. It prepares and positions us for impact. We look at Serena’s worth from both communal influence and financial point of view. In the world, people are chasing dreams. But are these dreams in line to make the world a better place? Sports provide a diverse platform for global influence.

Here is an excerpt of Serena William speaking of joining the insurance company’s domestic violence initiative.Whether you’re starting your own company, you need the discipline to do it every day — day in and day out,” she said. “Athletes, you have to have that discipline to go to 

work every day, and I feel just as a person, being a good person, giving back to your community, being a part of philanthropy, supporting girls, supporting women, it takes a lot of discipline. I feel like my dad was able to give me so much discipline and structure in my life. I love that I’m still appreciating all the things that my parents have given me.”[1]

Serena William has been amazing; and the world looks up to her because of the influence she has had in the world. Below is a quotation of her financial worth through which she has been able to get things running.

“After winning her 23rd Grand Slam title at the Australian Open, in June 2017 Forbes magazine put Serena Williams’ net worth at $27 million. Her career $84 million in prize winnings is almost $50 million more than any other women’s tennis player. She also has over a dozen endorsements including Intel, Tempur-Pedic, Nike, Beats By Dre, Gatorade and JP Morgan Chase.”  Her net worth, in Kenyan currency is Ksh. 2,700, 000, 000. This is approximately 3 billion Kenya shillings. Come to think of it. All through tennis playing.

Background information:

Serena Williams was born on September 26, 1981, in Saginaw, Michigan. She is 37 year old American tennis player who has had a stellar career in tennis as far as tennis is concerned.

Serena’s father, a former sharecropper from Louisiana, was so determined to see her daughters excel in tennis. His motivation on the sport developed from books and videos he had come across. His determination to develop the daughters into life success was unmatched. What a parent!

Serena’s tennis career:

When going through her bibliography, something special struck me. It captured my attention as a great motivation to why sports nurturing, at a tender age, is an amazing thing.

The most striking fact about Serena Williams is that she started her Tennis Career at age 3. Serena had to withstand the rigors of practising for 2 hours every day; at the age of 3.

Come to think of it, what are most of the children doing at age 3?

The lessons we pick from Serena William’s tennis stellar career life :


Looking at the life of Serena Williams, we can pick a few lessons with regards to talent and a career in tennis.

  1. For maximum excellence in sports, talent must be nurtured at a very tender age. Serena William started her tennis career at the age of 3 years. This, to many, may sound ridiculous. However, we pick from this a very key lesson about sports that we must inculcate in our children’s lives if we want to achieve the highest standards of sports.


The question remains, “Are you willing to expose your child to the unlimited opportunities in the sporting world for nurturing and placement to platforms that will make them the best in the world?”


  1. The role of parents in nurturing sports talent- Contrary to many people’s belief, parents play a key role in identifying and helping to nurture sporting talent in their children.

Were it not for Serena’s father, she would probably have missed out on this great opportunity of being on top and having the influence she has had in the world. What effort, role and investment are you putting in helping your child achieve the highest standards of sporting talent?

 Always remember, the secret is in starting early.  

  1. Skill is sharpened through practice: Consistency is one of the key secrets to stellar success in sports. At the age of 3 years, Serena went through rigors of 2 hours a day. This sounds unbelievable, but after looking at the achievements, it is undoubtedly the best decision Serena’s father made for her.


The seed of today will give birth to the fruit of tomorrow. Are you planting the seed?At Swim Africa Limited, we believe that provision of opportunities, resources and access to the sports world is the key to transformation in the world. Leadership, discipline and hard work are lessons learnt and inculcated through sports.We believe that refining talent is a key area for both personal and communal development and this explains our pursuit to identify and nurture highest standards of sports talent.



[1]  Access date: August 17, 2018.

[2] Editors,



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